Premier Mobile Dry Ice Cleaning In La Puente, CA

Dry Ice Cleaning is the future of Green Cleaning and restoration. We Service vehicles, heavy machines, and industrial equipment in La Puente, California.

We Revive surfaces to factory new specs without harming the original coating, All without the use of water, No harmful Solvents, and no Secondary Waste.

Mobile Service or Appointment Only Shop In FULLERTON, CA 91770



Dry Ice Cleaning in La Puente is a non-abrasive process that uses air + dry ice pellets, It supercools the surface to -109 deg to loosen the contaminants, and with kinetic energy, it removes all the dirt and grime. All without affecting the original surface coating. This amazing process is perfect for car undercarriages or any surface that cannot be cleaned with water or harmful solvents. Rates start at $600. 

Mobile service anywhere in La Puente or Appointment only – Shop in Fullerton CA 91770


Your Vehicle is done On-site in La Puente or at our appointment only location in Fullerton CA 91770

We are a completely mobile blasting service, We have Partner shops all over SoCal OR we can do it at your shop location.

We Also Service Heavy Machinery and Industrial Equipments.

We don't just do car, We also service heavy equipment like industrial printing press, Plastic Extrusion Machines, Line Conveyors, Asphalt trucks and Many More.

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Dry Ice Blasting in La Puente, California

Dry Ice Restoration We can restore almost anything to its former state, Our service is mainly used by plastic extrusion companies, food manufacturing, automotive restoration, marine cleaning, fire damage restoration, and many more.


Don't waste your time with sanding and grinding.


Keeping your boat clean is essential for safe boating.


We take on the biggest, and toughest projects.


Our eco-friendly blast media won't damage nearby grass or foliage.

Dry Ice Blasting For Cars, Industrial, & More

We are a 100% mobile solution Servicing all of La Puente, California for your Dry Ice Restoration needs, We can blast any substrate, your car undercarriage, wheels, engine blocks, transmissions, industrial machines, graffiti damaged walls, commercial kitchens, or any dirty surfaces that conventional cleaning can’t do, We’re here for you. Our process is efficient anti-bacterial and 100% Green.

We guarantee 100% of the work we do, if we can’t remove discussed contaminants we do not charge you for anything. We are up to a challenge so let us know what you have and let’s preserve the past.

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ECONOMY Dry Ice Cleaning

Wheels, Wheel Wells, Brake Calipers, Brake Rotors
starting at $600

STANDARD Dry Ice Cleaning

Engine, Transmission, Differential, Control Arms
starting at $1200.00​

EXECUTIVE Dry Ice Cleaning

All of the above Areas plus the whole undercarriage,
starting at $2400.00