Dry Ice Blasting For Paint Removal & Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting For Paint Removal & Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting services are s quick and clean option for removing paint without the mess of adding media to your project.

Dry Ice Blasting is a fast, efficient way to blast away paint and other contaminants from any surface without damaging it. This process leaves behind an aesthetically pleasing result that doesn’t require expensive materials or time-consuming preparation beforehand,

The Process of Dry Ice Blasting:

  • Dry ice has to be pelletized, which is done when ordering for this specific project.
  • Dry Ice pellets are ¬†loaded into a blasting machine.
  • When high pressure is applied, the ice becomes soft and similar to vapor.
  • Air flow and ventilation are key as the carbon dioxide is given off when the Dry Ice is blasted.
  • Dry ice blasting is a safe and effective method for removing stubborn material on any surface. The impact of the dry ice blast against your substrate leaves little or no abrasion.

Best Time For Dry Ice Blasting:

  • Dry ice cleaning leaves no residue except for the debris that is being blasted.
  • Dry ice is a much more sterile and clean way to blast away the contamination in your work area.
  • Dry ice blasting works for many various industries such as food industry, aerospace, office cleaning, factories, automotive, and much more!

Why Dry Ice Blasting for Paint Removal?

Dry ice blasting is the perfect solution for all of your environmental needs such as paint removal. Not only does it have no secondary contaminants, but also because dry ices evaporate quickly on impact with surfaces and are safe to use by experienced contractors such as Ice Blast Works who know how important safety really can be in these situations!

Ice blasting is the perfect solution to remove paint, oils, and biofilms from surfaces. The slow process makes it well suited for large projects that require cleanings as opposed to writing over them or using chemicals that can harm you if they come into contact with skin.

Dry ice blasting is a great way to blast away dirt, dust, and other harmful substances from your garage or building’s surfaces. We at Southern CaliforniaBlasting will be there for you whenever it needs our attention – nights/weekends included!