Premier Dry Ice Cleaning In Southern California

Dry Ice Cleaning is the future of Green Cleaning and restoration.
We Service vehicles, heavy machines and industrial equipment.

We Revive surfaces to back to its original state without harming
the coating, All without the use of water, No harmful Solvents,
and no Secondary Waste.

Mobile Service or Appointment Only Shop Locations. 

Inglewood CA & Rosemead CA


Fire Damage

Building Restoration

Car Underbody Resto

Heavy Equipment

Automotive & Industrial+

Dry Ice Cleaning is a non-abrasive type of blasting that uses air + dry ice pellets, It super cools the surface to -109 deg to loosen the contaminants, and with kinetic energy it removes all the dirt and grime. All without affecting the original surface coating. This amazing process is perfect for car undercarriage restoration, Adhesive removal, Soot Removal, Fire Damage Remediation, Surface Rust Removal, Stain Removal, Asphalt Cleaning, Parts Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Plaster removal, Paint removal, Building and Historical Restoration and many more.

Mobile service anywhere in SoCal or Appointment only shop

Inglewood CA

Rosemead CA


Mobile Or Shop Service

We are able to do mobile work and we also have 2 locations Inglewood CA and Rosemead CA.

We Also Service Heavy Machinery and Industrial Equipments.

We don't just do cars, We also service heavy equipment like industrial printing press, Plastic Extrusion Machines, Line Conveyors, Asphalt trucks and Many More.


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Dry Ice Blasting in Southern California

We can restore almost anything to its former state, Our service is mainly used by plastic extrusion companies, food manufacturing, automotive restoration, marine Industry, fire damage restoration, and many more.


Don't waste your time with sanding and grinding.


Keeping your boat clean is essential for safe boating.


We take on the biggest, and toughest projects.


Our eco-friendly blast media won't damage nearby grass or foliage.

Auto Underbody Restoration

Car & Bike Services

We do auction preps and full deep cleaning on vehicle undercarriage, and we also do engine bays, engine and transmission and other parts.


Industrial Cleaning

Contract Services

We do contract cleaning for printing equipment, power plant equipment, Industrial Tanks, Asphalt Trucks, and many more.


Mold And Fire Remidiation

Remediation and Restoration

We can do fire and soot damage remediation, water damage restoration, Mold removal and many more.


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